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    Software Development

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    Custom Software Development

    Tailored solutions designed to address specific business requirements and workflows.

    Application Integration

    Connecting disparate systems and applications within an organization to ensure seamless data flow and communication.

    Web Development

    Creating interactive software applications accessed via web browsers, often involving server-side scripting for dynamic functionality.

    Mobile Application Development

    Creating mobile-friendly software solutions to enable anytime, anywhere access for employees and customers.

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    About Us

    Custom Software Experts

    With 10+ years of experience,  our team has the tools to take your software to the next level. 

    Located near Buffalo, NY, we create software tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a particular organization or individual. This type of software is developed from scratch, rather than being purchased or licensed from an existing software vendor. Custom software development can include the development of new applications, as well as the modification and enhancement of existing software. It is typically used by businesses and organizations to improve efficiency, automate processes, and gain a competitive advantage.

    Why Choose Us

    Unlock Your Maximum Potential with Cutting-Edge Software Solutions

    Custom software offers tailored solutions to specific business needs, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency compared to off-the-shelf solutions. Moreover, we can adapt and scale alongside evolving business demands, offering long-term cost-effectiveness and competitive advantages.  With personalized support and maintenance, custom software ensures optimal performance, security, and compatibility, enabling organizations to stay agile and responsive in today’s dynamic digital landscape.

    1. Tailored Solutions: Custom software can be designed specifically to meet the unique requirements and objectives of the project, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with the business goals and processes.
    2. Enhanced Flexibility: Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom solutions offer greater flexibility in terms of features, integrations, and scalability, allowing for adjustments and updates as the project evolves.
    3. Improved Efficiency: By automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and eliminating unnecessary features, custom software can significantly enhance operational efficiency and productivity within the project team.
    4. Enhanced Security: Custom software development allows for the implementation of robust security measures tailored to the project’s needs, minimizing vulnerabilities and reducing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized access.
    5. Seamless Integration: Custom software can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and technologies used in the project, ensuring smooth data exchange and interoperability across different platforms.
    6. Long-term Cost Savings: While the initial investment in custom software development may be higher than purchasing off-the-shelf solutions, it often leads to long-term cost savings by eliminating licensing fees, reducing manual efforts, and minimizing the need for future upgrades or replacements.
    7. Competitive Advantage: Custom software can give the project a competitive edge by providing unique features, functionalities, and user experiences that differentiate it from competitors and resonate with target audiences.
    8. Dedicated Support: With custom software, project teams can benefit from dedicated support and maintenance services tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring prompt assistance, updates, and optimization throughout the project lifecycle.
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    What We Offer

    Since we are conventional software developers, creating custom software with unique features and specialized requirements is an integral part of the many extensive technological solutions we provide. We create software that provides a solution to addressing the specific needs of a company. These tailored developments stem from evaluating the demands of an organization and devising custom solutions. Our software development team and IT Consultant team work closely to devise top-tier technological innovations that deliver bespoke results in the form of software. Equally as applicable, we work hard to meet client expectations by understanding their objectives, target audience, and aiding in provide improved and diligent service.

    In all facets of software development ranging from creating custom software, software maintenance, software testing, and app testing, our dynamic approach guarantees quality and top-notch technological solutions. We invite you to explore our expertly-handled services and focus on growth as you foster the solution for your customers or users.

    In software design, we treat well-engineered user interfaces as the cornerstone across all types of devices in our projects. With our expertise in UI/UX design, technical products have been designed with simple and user-oriented interfaces for a natural-feeling experience. Through incorporating typographical and visual design best practices, we’ve achieved impressive design solutions and fostered immense growth. Understanding the key role UI/UX design is vital to the success of software concerning target audience satisfaction. We focus diligently on analyzing the audience, competitors, and running tests to ascertain smooth and stunning designs.

    With the wide application of Android on mobile devices, most apps are designed to operate on this platform. To test the compatibility of these apps, we come into the picture offering Android App testing services. We assess the app for security, usability, performance, memory leakage, and certification. The goal is to ascertain superb quality in a design to enable compatibility with the different devices fitted with varied screen sizes, operating system (OS) versions, and connections. With our expertise, we give the green light to the release of an app.

    As software experts, we work constantly on maintaining our projects. In software maintenance, we seek to constantly improve performance. Since the technology industry witnesses regular updates resulting from innovation, its therefore imperative for us to make updates for functionality and compatibility. Our service includes ensuring our software accommodates programs to allow for a myriad of features, hardware, networking, and system components. Our software maintenance strategy takes whatever unique form is required by the software. It could be corrective maintenance to fix bugs and prevent crashed. Other strategies may aim at refining for proper continued software performance.

    Geared towards technological advancements, we are highly revered as the go-to company for IT consultancy services. Over the years, we gained a reputation for working with a wide range of companies and bringing ideas of top firms and startups into reality. From sketches, we connect the dots with our expertise in information technology and produce groundbreaking solutions. We encourage startups, small businesses, and established firms to share how we can help with their developmental ideas and innovative business goals. With strategic planning, we assure growth from our projects.

    Similar to Android App testing, iOS is part of our all-inclusive digital package. Beyond app compatibility with the various generation of iOS devices, our services also address seamless app operation, orientation support, and gestures. Real-time iOS App testing also checks for user experience before an app is certified for release. It’s also vital to assure easy use and navigation through settings to properly address troubleshooting and gather feedback from users. Working with new and existing iOS Apps, we have provided practical feedback of App performance and reliability, using these to steer improvements that get the app up and running.

    The best way to predict the future is to create it.

    - Peter Drucker

    Who We Work With

    Our Clients

    Richard Armstrong Sales The Demski Group

    Richard Armstrong
    Director of Technology

    Tausi Brands needed a luxurious website to compliment our patent pending high end product. We needed ease of functionality meeting the needs of neuro-diverse customers. We also wanted to add reviews, icons, videos, and confidence in a glance. The Demski Group met the challenge and surpassed expectations.

    Janice Shokrian Founder & CEO, Tausi Brands

    I'm the Production Coordinator for SEEN Dating. I handle logistics for filming along with day-to-day administrative tasks. SEEN Dating is a new dating app with a focus on "transparent" dating meaning users are able to see other users conversations, video chats, and audio calls. This cultivates a more inclusive, honest environment. We also have a group of Featured Daters on the app who participate in filmed dates.

    Evans Craddock Production Coordinator, SEEN Dating

    We hired The Demski Group to develop a vacation rental website for a property management client located near the Baseball Hall of Fame. The goal of the website was to create a reservation system for vacation rental home owners to post their properties for rent, and for vacationers to rent a home for their visit.

    Chris Thompson Managing Partner, Branding & Design Agency
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