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Telemedic Mobile App

During the pandemic, doctors needed a way to reduce patient time in their offices. Enter The Demski Group. In partnership with Telemedic, we designed and developed a mobile application that allowed patients to fill out their intake forms from the comfort of their own phones. Utilizing full HIPAA Compliance security standards and doctor-tested and approved workflows, Telemedic continues to expand into new medical offices each day.

Telemedic Network Application

Services Rendered

Platform(s): Native Mobile Apps, Web Apps

HIPAA Compliant Security

Tech Case Study

App Development

Development was done with a responsive front-end, to make the app compatible and easy-to-use on different devices and OSs.

Tech Case Study


We integrated top-security protocols with Okta for login.

Tech Case Study

App Stores

Telemedic® was approved for publishing on the App Store® and Google Play® stores.

Tech Case Study

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