Case Study

StayPut Delivery App

The StayPut app is designed and built to facilitate the delivery of hardware and tools through easy-to-use mobile. Our development team utilized multiple different integration platforms to manage everything from background checks, to payment, and location services

Services Rendered

Tech Stack: ReactJS, Firebase

Device(s): Native Mobile Apps

Integrations: Stripe, Google Maps, Certn, Checkr

Custom Scrapers

In order to develop the app to be a full-service user experience, we built a custom scraper for the app to automatically pull information from retailers’ sites and available catalog.

API Integrations

Utilizing several third-party services allowed the app to be built efficiently and securely, while still offering all the complex features ranging from payment processing, background checks, real-time location tracking, and identification verification tools.

Design Team Integration

Our design team was able to integrate with the existing StayPut design workflow and style guides to quickly and effectively make changes and adjustments as needed throughout the process.

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