Case Study

Assault Fitness

Assault Fitness & The Demski Group worked together to design and build an app that connects Assault Fitness workout machine owners directly to highly-specialized programs from the world’s top coaches. With custom workout plans and progress tracking, as well as leaderboards and head-to-head competitions, the Assault Fitness mobile app gives users elite training in the palm of their hand.

Assault Fitness

Services Rendered

Devices: iOS and Android Tech

Stack: React JS, Firebase

App Design

Tech Case Study

Intuitive design for multiple user roles. Data tracking custom built for assault fitness hardware users and plan building for fitness coaches.

Content Control

Tech Case Study

Hundreds of hours of fitness plans, lessons and other coaching materials, uploaded and sorted for easy access for all user tiers.

Quality Assurance

Tech Case Study

Managing developers in the development process to assure delivery of products that are smooth and fully-functional.

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