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With over a million dollars spent on task outsourcing each year, the demand for staff augmentation continues to rise. In the IT industry, a software development team can be hired on either a short-term or long-term basis.

We have developed a team of professionals with different specialties. Our software development team can carry out a wide range of tasks for your business. In the process of putting together a team, we aim to help our clients achieve their goals and contribute to the success of their programs and initiatives.
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The Value We Offer

The reality of the business world is that it’s difficult to keep employees for long. This is a major reason why some company software projects fail to be ready before projected date. To avoid this, our software development team is on standby for you to hire a few developers to join your team. They’re trained to fill in and integrate quickly with your existing team of employees.
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Sometimes, a company simply doesn’t have the experts to execute a project. Rather than employing a new worker and going through the process of interviewing, vetting, and onboarding procedures, staff augmentation could be an alternative. To employ a new individual can take days, weeks, or even months; and that’s before accounting for the need to spend on recruiting and HR. Additionally, putting out advertisements is also costly. Even at that, people may not apply as expected and it may take time to get the right person for the job. Instead, we simply fill in with our team. Companies can state what type of expert they require for a certain part of their project, and we come in to deliver the solution with one of our experts. An added benefit is that companies don’t have to spend on training their employees. This can be especially beneficial for startups without the capacity to provide lengthy onboarding and/or sustain permanent jobs.

Even big companies can end up spending a lot on training without the guarantee an in-house employee will learn fast. Regardless, most companies prefer the experience of a long-term professional to employees trained in a short period. We agree with this because our team is made of experts who have worked on many projects. They’ve perfected their skills and are able to handle software projects better in a short timeframe.

Our Edge


In staff augmentation, we bring lots of benefits. We reduce the cost of operation on all levels. As well, you spend less on employee benefits and other costly provisions for permanent staff.

Our team brings fresh eyes and great ideas to your project. We have experience working with innovations and staying ahead of new developments and trends in the tech industry. Our knowledge of new methods helps us to provide an excellent approach to execute a project and improve it dramatically.

Our developers are available for long-term and short-term purposes. For urgent tasks that may arise, they are quick to blend in and put in their service to help a business or project. For projects that may take a while, our team is trained for long-term tasks.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to keep professionals at an establishment, staff augmentation is an ideal approach that helps both big and small businesses to achieve their goals. They can grow and keep rendering their services.

As you skip the mountain of paperwork that come with hiring full-time employees, you also get to focus fully on the progress of a project. You’ll have far less to do in terms of employee management, meaning more devoted time to the tasks at hand.

We take a lot of work off the human resource management of every company we work with. We live in times when the HR department of any company is tasked with several responsibilities and expectations for employees. While it may be impossible to do away with the HR department completely, staff augmentation takes off a lot of the burdens.

Our software development team is not permanent. After providing the requested services, the team moves to another project elsewhere. In the end, you spend less to get the same results. Our software development team can work both remotely and onsite, depending on the preference of clients. The team can also work independently or alongside the in-house staff together on a project.

As you employ the services of our team of expert developers, you are not just adding professionals to your team. Each individual in the team is dedicated and committed to providing quality service. Every member of the team has worked in several industries and can contribute ideas that will deliver tremendous value in any project.

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