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If you need an iPhone app or Android app for your business, look no further than The Demski Group. We employ only the highest quality developers specifically trained in iOS and Android software to ensure that your project will always be catered to.
Apple devices

Apple Development

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Today, smartphones rule the consumer device market. Your business or organization, has probably seen the benefit mirroring apps on Android and the iOS platform to making your products and services accessible to consumers and clients. Perhaps you have a rough idea of an app that could be a game-changer for your business. Whatever the case may be, our iOS developers seek to understand your idea. With their knowledge of Objective-C, Swift, and Swift UI, you can achieve any result desired on Apple products and devices. Within the budget, we deliver iOS software development that meets contemporary standards and is fine-tuned to be highly responsive to end-users. Whatever your app goal is, you can rely on the quality services we offer.

App Store & Testing

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In order to be in Apple’s ecosystem in any native way, you must be approved into the app store; which is why we put immense effort into testing iOS apps at every step of the development process. Beyond app compatibility with the various generation of iOS devices, our services also address seamless app operation, orientation support, and gestures. Real-time iOS App testing also checks for user experience before an app is certified for release. It’s also vital to assure easy use and navigation through settings to properly address troubleshooting and gather feedback from users. Working with new and existing iOS Apps, we have provided practical feedback of App performance and reliability, using these to steer improvements that get the app up and running.

Ecosystem Connectivity

Tablets to Phones to Wearables

In designing and building applications for the iOS platform, we take into account performance, quality, compatibility, and responsiveness. Users are the primary focus of our designs and solutions. Hence, our iOS developers work intelligently and intently to develop applications that perform efficiently and effectively on all iOS devices. Our developers work collaboratively to come up with intuitive features, fix bugs, maintain code quality, and automate any processes possible within scope and hardware/software constrictions. Beyond the surface, we work on connecting iOS to backend services with our proficiency in RESTful API architecture. When it comes to added usability, we take note of Apple’s design and interface best-principles.

By employing advanced SDKs, all developed software is built to taste for professional and flexible brands across any industry. Alongside UI/UX best practices and iOS frameworks, elegant designs are developed in line with specific brand requirements. Furthermore, we excel in integration approaches for iOS related services. If you are looking to integrate advanced features on an Apple device, whether it’s the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacOS, or Apple TV, we create native Apps and features to allow your audience to get quality service on any device; taking advantage of every aspect of the interconnectivity the Apple ecosystem and its APIs can offer. In the areas of health and fitness, entertainment, and many others,  we utilize technologies like iBeacon Wearables and NFC (among others) to ensure effectiveness. 

We are the reliable iOS developers to tackle your project and deliver cutting-edge tech solutions. Our knack for quality is bolstered by in-depth knowledge of tools for building apps like: 

  • XML Parsing
  • Cocoa Framework
  • Xcode
  • JSON 
  • Cocos2d, and more.  

Working with us, you’ll be able to take advantage of our benchmarking and optimization mastery, coupled with coding knowledge, threading, and offline storage.  Rest assured, your project will be in safe hands. All projects we work on come out beautifully designed and meeting all practical expectations. Contact us today to develop iOS applications.

Apple devices

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