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White Labeling A Mobile App

Often a way to make extra money off of an app is to white labeling the solution that was created and sell that to other organizations or individuals. This is a common way for non-profits and other organizations to earn additional revenue and get the product out into the market more. The challenges of this are making the white label option valuable enough and cheap enough that will attract other organizations to launch their own version of your solution.
When thinking of a white label solution if possible it is best to begin the planning phase before your solution is even built. Begin able to plan in advance for how the solution will be white-labeled is the best option usually though that does not happen. But if you are lucky enough to begin thinking of white labeling before your solution has been developed then you are in a good spot to plan for a potential white labeling option later on. Make sure to plan out which pieces will need to be changed for each white labeling customer and ensure those pieces are easy to change fast and efficiently. This will save on your costs for each white labeling solution that is sold.
If you have already developed a solution and are now looking to white label then there may be a couple challenges depending on how your solution is setup. To white label your mobile app solution, all that is needed is to change the colors, logo, and set up a new database then white labeling will not be too difficult. Changing the colors to all be tied to a couple values in a settings file in your code can be an easy way to ensure that setting up a white label is even easier. Another method to make things easier is setting up a demo database without any content in it except base demo content to allow for easy setup for the white label customer.
Mobile apps are not the only options for white labeling. Many software solutions can be white labeled or resold and this is an excellent way to increase revenue and reach. When starting the planning process for developing a solution is a perfect time to look at whether or not your solution will be good as a white label option as well.

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