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Staff Augmentation & Dedicated Teams

Hire our full-stack team of expert developers to save on training costs and have more time to focus on go to market strategies. Building the perfect custom solution is our priority so you can focus on long-term goals.

With the growing costs of hiring a full in-house team of IT experts and increase in demand, it is becoming more common to source short-term and long-term developers and engineers.

Avoid the cost of hiring and training new employees and take advantage of an entire full-stack development team that’s ready to go. At The Demski Group, we have experts who are ready to go for short or long term contracts and who are flexible so you can easily increase or decrease the number of extra hands depending on your needs.

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Ready to make your idea a reality?

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A team of over 100 software developers with experience in .Net, Java, iOS, Android, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Ruby, Scala, AWS, Xamarin, python, C++ and many other in-demand technologies.


Stay updated constantly with daily scrums between teams. Our managers keep an open line of communication with everyone involved to provide valuable feedback and keep the project on track. You never have to worry about tasks falling behind schedule and can expect full disclosure throughout development. Our team is here to assist and expedite the process, not slow it down.

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Our team works round the clock here at The Demski Group with the combination of onsite and offsite teams. Managers and quality assurance experts on both ends maintain consistent feedback and communication to ensure cohesiveness and efficiency of development.


Place the responsibility of hiring the right team for the job in our hands. At The Demski Group, we handle the hiring process so you can cut costs and have incredible talent.

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The team at The Demski Group includes full stack developers with post-graduate CS degrees and experience in implementing state-of-the-art technologies and handling high-end government contracts.



A qualified staff of experienced and dedicated individuals with the talents you require.


Give HR a break. Let us do the hiring.


The experience of working with professionals in a variety of industries with unique requirements has led us to build a team of members who won’t have a problem collaborating with your staff and IT department.


We take care of gathering the necessary tools, information, office space, and testing environments when you choose to take advantage of our services.


Our flexible pricing model allows you to pay for the work you need as you need it.


Take advantage of all the resources we have to offer from our years of experience in the development realm. If your current solution isn’t the perfect fit for you, don’t hesitate to reach out and put our skills to the test.

 We welcome the challenge to deliver only the best quality in your timeframe.

If you need more than simply manpower, we offer consulting, complete design, or enterprise app dev.


Tapping into a wide range of skills and knowledge is necessary for the realm of custom software development. Whatever your need, we are likely to have someone who specializes in it.


  • Java
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Mobile


  • Enterprise
  • Web/SaaS
  • High Load
  • Cloud Scale
  • Microservices/SOA
  • IaaS/PaaS
  • Mobile


  • SPA/Advanced UI
  • Framework based UI
  • UI/UX
  • Full stack applications (Node, React)
  • Hybrid applications (web/mobile/desktop)


  • Native Apps
  • Media
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile focused server side
  • Hybrid (JavaScript based mobile apps)
  • Wearable/IoT


  • Operations
  • HDFS Based
  • Non HDFS Based
  • Streaming
  • Solutions


  • Automation
  • Cloud Scale IT
  • Big Data Infrastructure
  • Software Defined Networks


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