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Custom Development

Explore the benefits of software technology that boosts efficiency while cutting costs. At The Demski Group, we specialize in developing a custom solution that exceeds expectations and is delivered in a tight time frame.

Need a custom app to bring in mobile users? Or perhaps a third party API integrated into your existing platform or website? From dashboards and retail websites to mobile games, The Demski Group has the skills necessary to tackle almost any custom software job.


Ready to make your idea a reality?

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There’s no feat too difficult or complicated for our team of expert developers here at The Demski Group. We love a challenge; whether it is building a custom Bluetooth receiver and its accompanying firmware, building a brand new API, or even creating applications to control drones and monitor their systems this is what we love to do.


Meeting deadlines and delivering quality solutions is what we do at The Demski Group. Our team is highly experienced and will be able to take you specifications document and determine how best to approach development and obtain goals. We are familiar with building custom software that will improve communication between your departments, boost sales on your e-commerce platform, discover useful trends and business data, and assist management in making decisions.


We realize you probably already have a third party integrated with your enterprise application. As a result, we carry a mobile-first mentality during development. Custom API, UI/UX, admin panels, and other integrations will deliver results while working seamlessly with your existing applications.


With the rapid progression of technology and business applications being used, it’s likely you may not be taking full advantage of what modern software has to offer. At The Demski Group, our consultants and industry experts examine where your current platform is lacking and develop solutions to increase productivity. Your team will love having the power of the latest and greatest tools at their disposal.


Having multiple applications and integrations to accomplish different tasks can be overly complicated, inefficient, and unnecessary. Over time a platform is likely to begin to become a hodgepodge of different tools that are not necessarily designed to work together perfectly. Allow our team at The Demski Group to analyze your current situation and develop a custom solution that accomplishes what you need within a single user experience. The power of modern software stacks and cloud hosting will inevitably optimize flow, boost efficiency, and lower costs.


● Analysis & Redesign – Allow our industry experts to analyze your current solution and uncover regions that could benefit from a UI redesign or functionality integration in order to fulfill your business needs.

● Development & Testing – Our team of over 500 qualified developers will develop and test your new enterprise solution our quality assurance team will make certain it is functioning properly and how you envisioned.

● Implementation & Maintenance – The Demski Group will provide assistance in implementing the new software into your current system and will provide 6 months of free support and pre-determined maintenance.

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