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Custom Solution Or Vendor Created Solution

Your boss came to you and said we need a platform that will do x, y, and z. You started researching options for that platform and came across two distinct possibilities: hire a vendor that has a pre-built solution or hire a developer that can custom build the solution from scratch. Which one do you choose?

This is a difficult question and, if you’re reading this article, probably one of these options have crossed your mind. There are advantages and disadvantages to each option, and really the same solution may not be the best one for all businesses. Each business must survey their needs, capabilities, and expected return to determine the correct option.

However, to assist with the process let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages of each. A vendor-created solution has the advantage of being complete and does not take long to set up. It’s also cheaper up front than a custom solution. The flip side is that a vendor-created solution may not have as much customization and may not be able to fit the requirements of the platform you need.

A custom solution is not the cheapest upfront cost, but in the long run, it will usually be the cheaper option depending on how complicated a platform you need and how long it is expected to be in service. If the service period were only for a short time of a few years a custom solution would most likely not be the most economical option. If the solution is intended to be in service for quite some time, and the required features were fairly custom for the entity that will use the platform, a custom solution would be the best option. It will save on costs in the long run and training employees and users on a custom solution may actually be easier as it will be customized for their specific tasks and jobs.

Some vendors will offer to customize their solution for the purchaser. This is the best of both worlds as it can speed up the process, offer a more customized solution, and save on cost even if it may not be as cheap as a fully created solution. The key takeaway is that it all comes down to what your business needs are and the situation in which you will be using your platform.

Here at The Demski Group we do both custom solutions and modify existing solutions. We have a large code library of solutions that we have purchased or built for specific industries that can save time and money on the development process while still getting the solution you desire. Our library contains solutions for both mobile and web and includes options such as an Uber-style app and website, on-demand delivery app and website, online marketplace app and website, social community app and website and many others.

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