Software Development

We’re an experienced group of tech professionals with the knowledge and skills to help your business, project, startup, or any other organization to develop custom IT and software solutions. We’re experts in everything from creative design, development, QA and Testing, and maintenance on any project. Regardless of what the project is, we’ll help you get the solution you want. We pride ourselves on our quality of work, as well as our transparency and clarity when communicating with our clients and partners.

Some of our Clients

From our catalogue of big and small businesses

Some of our Clients

From our catalogue of big and small businesses

Samples of our work


Our group offers everything for your business or project when it comes to technology; whether that’s consultation, software design, development, quality assurance management, or maintenance and updates to name just a few.


We are the antithesis to a one-trick pony. The Demski Group development team can take on any project; ranging from finance to entertainment, or education to e-commerce. If you have a tech project, we can probably do it.


As a custom software development company, we’re fully aware of the variety of devices, platforms, and architectures different projects need. We’re masters in everything from cloud databasing and analytics, to developing apps for specific OS’s in their native language.

Case Studies

Let our work speak for itself.

The Demski group prides itself on our long-term, committed partnership with our clients to produce individualed tailored solutions for their unique requirements. In the past 9 years, we have worked on over 250+ projects ranging from Fintech to dating sites and would love to show you what we have done. Collected here are just a few of our successful projects to give you a taste of what we can do. If you have questions or would like to see a targeted, industry-specific pitchdeck, please schedule a call and we will be happy to show case our past work and create a solution together.

Athstat (Fitness)

Athstat & Demski Group worked with coaches from 5 major league sports to identify the most critical data during matches, create an easy way to add data even in the chaos of a game or at a desk, and display real-time analytics. With their proprietary cloud-based machine learning engine, we worked with them to display analytics to couches on the fly, in a match, and for their review after the game’s victory.

SEEN Dating (Social)

The Demski Group designed and implemented a radical new approach to online dating: full transparency. With all user chats on display, singles were armed with a complete understanding of each other’s interactions before engaging, which helped cut down on unsolicited pictures and toxic behavior. The community fell in love with the application (4.6 stars on the app store!) and our team learned how to implement best practices for chatting technologies and to appeal to a younger demographic.

Telemedic (Medical)

During the pandemic, doctors needed a way to reduce patient time in their offices. Enter The Demski Group. In partnership with Telemedic, we designed and developed a mobile application that allowed patients to fill out their intake forms from the comfort of their own phones. Utilizing full HIPAA Compliance security standards and doctor-tested and approved workflows, Telemedic continues to expand into new medical offices each day.

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