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5 Awesome WordPress Plugins For SEO

Yoast SEO

No surprise here that Yoast SEO made it to the top of our list along with many others. Yoast is an extremely popular plugin within the WordPress community with its millions of downloads and its place in the top ranks is well deserved. The best part is, many of its great features are completely free!

Yoast is fantastic for overall page optimization for SEO. It automatically runs a check and locates pain points that need to be addressed. The things it looks for is keyword usage, load time, meta tags, image tags, and more. This plugin will easily guide you in creating a far more SEO optimized site that works across any industry.

Other useful features included in the free version of Yoast are:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Ability to preview your page in Google
  • Readability check
  • Manage breadcrumbs
  • Remove duplicate content
  • Post optimization
  • Make your site easier to read by site indexers and crawlers


All-in-one SEO

This SEO plugin has been downloaded over 50,000,000 times since 2007 so it’s safe to say it provides some merit. All-in-one SEO works as soon as soon as you install so its user-friendly for beginners looking to improve their website search rankings quickly. However, it also includes many features for advanced users looking to dive deeper into the technical side of things and customize the result.

One of the main features is that it generates an XML sitemap. What this does is create a readable map that is submitted to Google and Bing. The result makes it much easier for those search engines to crawl your website and it optimizes the readability from their perspective. This will allow your site to have a significant boost in its overall SEO rank.



Semrush is more of an all-in-one marketing tool for your website, but for the sake of the article, we’ll focus on the SEO portion. This plugin is not the cheapest option out there for sure, but it’s worth the cost if it falls in your budget.

A very useful function is an in-depth keyword analysis that is found within the Keyword Magic Tool. This tool is extremely helpful when performing site audits and improving content. It will perform an analysis of the target keywords and will help you make the edits necessary to improve the searchability of blog posts and content across your site.


Seo cleaner

SEO Cleaner is another affordable option to quickly improve your website’s SEO. Its main purpose is to clean up the code driving your website in order to improve search rankings. WordPress generates a lot of unnecessary clutter automatically behind the scenes. This plugin quickly makes WordPress a much more SEO friendly CMS.

Some of the main features include:

  • Clean up the source code
  • Remove redundant links and scripts
  • Disable RSS feeds and JSON API
  • Remove extra HTTP headers
  • Redirect unused archives
  • Tidy up comments



Last but not least, we take a look at the Ahrefs plugin. The power of this tool is not to be underestimated. The Ahrefs plugin provides competitor site data and organic keyword info so you can compare how you rank alongside them. By seeing how many visitors your competitors receive, you can begin to see where you need to improve to take a larger slice of the traffic pie. Ahrefs software crawls 6 billion web pages daily so you aren’t missing out on any data.

The main services Ahrefs offers:

  • competitor analysis
  • keyword research
  • backlink research
  • content research
  • rank tracking
  • web monitoring
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