The Demski Group | Securing Your Customer’s Data
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Securing Your Customer’s Data

It seems every other day there is a new article or news post talking about how some corporation was broken into and data on millions of customers was stolen. Data is extremely valuable to a business and can reduce costs, increase revenue, and overall improve the experience for users and owners. However, this data is also valuable to nefarious individuals and proper steps should be taken to secure your customers’ data.

First, review what data you are collecting and determine whether or not it is necessary to collect and store that data. Some data may need to be collected and stored and some may not. Other information can be stored with a secure third party that specializes in storing that data. For instance, credit card data can be stored in a secure third-party vault that specializes in storing that type of data.

Next, encrypt any data that you are storing. All data when stored in your system should be encrypted in some way. This helps ensure that if anyone does find a vulnerability and gets in the data is useless to them. This does not guarantee that a hacker won’t be able to decrypt it, but it is one more obstacle for a hacker to overcome.

Update all the time. One of the most common reasons that a hacker is able to get inside a system is using a vulnerability that is known and has been patched but that patch has not been implemented on a system. Maintaining the latest updates for all software on a system is one of the easiest ways to prevent system breakdowns.

Limit access and availability of any customer data. Limiting the scope with which your customer data is made available to anyone or any application is another excellent method to limit potentially harmful access. In regards to employees, only those who need to have access should have it.

Continuously test for vulnerabilities. Constantly checking your system for any issues or areas of weaker security is essential to maintain proper security. Changes in system architecture or new features being added could cause unforeseen vulnerabilities in your system, and therefore, the system should be tested often for these potential problems.

Hire The Demski Group. Doing all of the above will greatly increase the security of your customer data, but also hiring a security expert that understands your system, the way data is being handled, and the potential threats that may be out there will increase the safety of your customer data exponentially.

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