The Demski Group | Our Development Method
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Our Development Method

The developers here at The Demski Group have worked on many different kinds of projects; some big and some small, but all have been a learning experience that has allowed us to continue to tweak our development method and perfect our process.

The steps of our process are discovery, understanding, design, development, quality assurance, testing, and finally delivery. During the discovery phase, we go over the idea and concept of the product with the client. Gathering as much information as we can during our discussions with the client allows us to put together a more accurate plan to produce the product.

The understanding phase follows the discussion and gathering of information from the client after which our team reviews it and makes sure they understand every part. During this phase, we’ll ask questions and check everything that we can to ensure it is feasible.

Before the design phase, we generate a statement of work that details out the project scope, timeline, payments, and any other information that is relevant to the project. Once the SOW is approved we move on to the design phase. During this phase, our team creates wireframes and full-color mockups that are shown to the client for approval. Once these are approved, our team can move on to the development phase.

The development phase is usually the longest as it involves our team creating the product. Following the designs, the team creates the full working product. During this time we will share builds and incomplete versions with the client so that they can monitor our progress and make any changes or suggestions.

Quality assurance is a phase that takes place during and after the design and development phase. Our team of testers will review all designs, builds, and every other aspect of the project throughout development to ensure quality and that the features in the statement of work are being accomplished.

Lastly, the delivery phase. This can be simply turning over the final source code and documentation to the client or it can involve launching the website or mobile app into a production environment. Our team can handle either scenario and typically, we work with a client in an ongoing fashion to ensure successful launch and ongoing maintenance.

This methodology allows The Demski Group team to ensure a quality product is developed and launched successfully. Our project managers maintain communication with the client throughout each phase of the project to guarantee the integrity of the product and keep the client informed of the progress.

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