The Demski Group | App Store Optimization: What Is It And How Can It Help Me
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App Store Optimization: What Is It And How Can It Help Me

App store optimization, or ASO, is the process used to boost mobile app rankings on the App Store or Play Store. Similar to search engine optimization, or SEO, which is used to boost search result rankings for websites, app store optimization can do the same for mobile applications. Having your mobile app rank higher in search results will give it more exposure and more downloads resulting in more users and revenue.

So how do you get started with ASO? First, you determine what category your app is in. There are hundreds of categories and something to keep in mind when choosing one is that the level of competition determines the difficulty for ranking higher. Some categories, such as dating apps, are very competitive which means it will be difficult to beat out some of the competitors simply because of their popularity already.

Once you have determined the category your app is in the next step is to start figuring out the keywords you want to rank for. What searches should your app show up for? For instance, if your app is an endless runner game it would not be advantageous to rank for a dating app. Instead, you would want to rank for gaming keywords.

Now that you have the category and keywords you can do research into the competition. Take note of similar apps in related categories and check the keywords they are ranking for. Look at their download volume and installs. Their comments and ratings matter, however, no single factor determines an app’s rating, it is a mix of factors.

The factors to consider include rating, number of downloads, number of downloads over a certain time period, keywords, description, and links. All of these are contributing factors to how high an app will rank. When first launching your app, getting the most downloads you can within the first week will help. Your app will get more exposure as a result and could start an upward trend.

The description and title help as well. These should include the keywords you are trying to rank for. The title is not as important as the description but can be a boosting factor as well. Make sure to hit each factor and determine the best strategy for your app.

Sometimes it is better to do ASO on your own and sometimes it is better to outsource to a firm to handle it. The Demski Group can assist you with your ASO or take it over completely. We have achieved hundreds of thousands of downloads for apps and our ASO techniques are always evolving with the marketplace to remain on the cutting edge.

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