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Mobile Apps

One of our major strong points is in mobile development and design. From MAGE to building multiple apps for enterprises and small businesses we have the skills to build your app from start to finish.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Have an idea, venture, or business? We can help! We have the experience, skills, and abilities to boost you forward. Whether its marketing, development, or simply logistics our team is capable of ensuring your success.

Custom Software & Design

Have a project? We can help! From start to finish our team will work with you to ensure the highest level of ability for your project. Our team supports project for mobile devices, custom software, web design, hardware design, marketing, and manufacturing.

Some of our brands



MAGE (Mobile Application Generation Environment) is an easy-to-use product that allows anyone to create a mobile application without any programming simply by loading MAGE in their browser. MAGE is perfect for experienced application creators and beginners alike.


MasterMind handles all of the hardware side of our business. They are working to produce tablets, the UT One is one of these, and many other devices for our customers.


UT One

The UT One is the first Ubuntu Touch tablet.



mSync allows users to sync music across multiple devices at the same time. Users can also stream and share what they are listening to.


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